Beattie Family Foundation

Mortuary Information

Our Child Burial Assistance grants are paid directly to licensed professional Funeral Homes or Mortuaries. Mortuaries wishing to participate need to register/qualify only once and thereafter will be able to request grants. After we have verified the existence/licensing of the organization, grants will be made upon direct request from qualified Funeral Home or Mortuary, based on available foundation funds allocated for this purpose.

Burial assistance grants are restricted to wholesale casket costs for:

  • Verified stillborn or infant deaths
  • Family financial need as identified by Mortuary

To qualify, a Mortuary must reply to the foundation with the following information.

Mortuary or Funeral Homes wishing to participate will be verified by the foundation through licensing by State regulatory agency(s) in the domiciled state and/or through membership in the National Funeral Director's Association. Notification of registration will be forwarded by email from the foundation to the qualifying organization